Equality is positioned as something to strive for; gender equality, equal pay, equal outcome, equal opportunity and so on. All are valid, but, what is equality? What is the context of equal?

The concept of equality is abstract and privileged in its nature—it is masked as progressive but can be used to support the idea that we are all equal. It can mean prescribing to the belief that your opportunities have no link to your skin colour, race, gender or class—a privilege largely afforded to the dominant social group.

Same Difference aims to examine the notion of equality. The words are shifted but does the meaning remain the same? Equality looks simple and self-evident, but achieving it requires a willingness to recognise—and to shift among—many different concepts of what is ‘right’. Equality as an ideal is lacking, no one form can pertain to all being

Alex Torcutti is a graphic designer at the Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania.