Onos and
Twin Sons

This image is from my ongoing project "Breathe" looking at how people are navigating private and public spaces during Covid in an historic housing area called "Burnthouse Lane" in Exeter, UK close to where I live. This portrait reflects a strong sense of pathos and family, referencing The Madonna and Child in historic painting. The notion of faith, hope, pride, the family bond and looking towards the future are important elements to embrace within these challenging times.

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Multi-award winning photographer Michelle Sank was born in South Africa and settled in the UK in 1987. She cites this background as informing her interest in sub-cultures and communities living on the edge of society. Her crafted portraits meld place and person, creating sociological, visual and psychological landscapes and narratives. Sank’s work has been exhibited and published across the globe and she has had residencies at a number of prominent galleries.