A Toxic Stain

As a species, we have become a toxic stain on our natural world. This flag is symbolic of the ever more permanent mark that we are leaving on this earth that we inhabit. This message is simple and unequivocal: we only have one planet, and we are running out of time to ensure the survival of global ecosystems and, ultimately, ourselves. This flag should be a constant reminder of this fact. With the demise of available natural resources and habitable space, social divisions will only become deeper. Thus, this flag should be a call to arms for us to do everything we can, individually and collectively, to bring about social change that will ensure a future for everyone and everything that we share this planet with.

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Mac Collins designs and creates experimental, hand crafted furniture and objects. As a designer of dual heritage, celebrating both his European and Caribbean lineage, Mac uses his design practice to explore his own identity. Mac is also an educator at Nottingham Trent University, and a steering committee member of inclusive design platform Design Can.

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