Equality is positioned as something to strive for; social equality, political equality, equality of opportunity and so on. All are valid, but, what is equality? What does it mean?

The concept of equality is abstract and egalitarian in its nature—it is masked as progressive but can be used to support many different positions.

Same Difference aims to examine the ideology of equality. The parts have been rearranged but are they equal? Equality looks simple and self-evident, but achieving it requires a willingness to recognise—and to shift among—many different concepts of what is ‘right’. Equality as an ideal is insufficient, no one form can be the true equal.

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Alex Torcutti is a graphic designer based in Tasmania, Australia. His practice focuses on the arts, cultural and educational fields, working in publishing, exhibitions and visual identities. He currently leads the design team at DarkLab, a division of Museum of Old and New Art (Mona). His work has received awards both nationally and internationally.