This sums up the year for us. A reassessment of our natural states of being, which have been turned upside down and shuffled around. Our relationship to our surroundings, nature, people, community, internationalism, democracy and pretty much everything has been questioned, and we hope out of this unstable time, a new consciousness can emerge. We don’t take anything for granted anymore, but then neither should we. Change is what we see, and it is also what we want; this is a prompt to ourselves, to use this period to reassess and move forward.

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Kirsty Carter and Emma Thomas co-founded their London-based design studio A Practice for Everyday Life in 2003, to explore the potential of graphic design as a meaningful process of cultural production, and to find new ways of communicating content. Carter and Thomas have lectured and taught at a range of renowned institutions worldwide, and have been a jury member for Creative Review’s Creative Futures, the Design Week Awards, the YCN Awards and the D&AD Professional Awards.

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