To Us It Means Freedom

The age of capital is over. The time of the artist has come:

1. We are not only thinking globally, we are also acting globally.
2. We are not going back to normal. I repeat. We are NOT going back to normal. 3. We – the artists, designers and storytellers – are imagining a new world, which we will build together.
4. We believe in technology as a tool, not a curse.
5. We will strip down everything to a bare minimum, dead to the unnecessary.
6. We will build a new economy, that is not out of kilter with human and environmental needs.
7. We are not afraid to fall off ‘the grid’. To us it means freedom and unity.
8. We believe in everything for everyone, and nothing for ourselves.
9. We will never again depend on corporations, labels or critics to sell our art.
10. We understand the power of collaboration, co-creating and diversity.
11. We acknowledge the secret hidden in disorder. It is creation.
12. We don’t ask for anything, instead we offer something.

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Peim van der Sloot grew up in Argentina, graduated from HKU art academy in Utrecht in 2010 and has since been working in the lively niches between visual arts, design and performance. Through a range of graphic techniques including sticker-collages and silkscreen he has developed a very characteristic style.

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