Beacon is a project that sits at the intersection of architecture, utopianism, environmentalism and creativity. Taking its cue from the unusual church steeples of the Perche region of Normandy, Beacon looks back to this age-old form in an attempt to imagine a new typology that might serve as an architecture for our times.

At the heart of the Beacon project is the hut. If traditionally huts were places of isolation and retreat, then the hut that Beacon envisages will seek rather to foster connectivity and exchange. Just as the ur-steeple – whose ancestry can itself be traced back to the golden hats of Bronze Age Northern Europe and the phallic obelisks of pagan fertility rites – propagated itself across the globe, so the Beacon hut will seek to sow the seeds of its own rhizomatic network. One which, by spreading out and multiplying, and by drawing inspiration from both ancient and modern truths, aims to become a matrix of resistance, its nodes providing shelter, allowing us to think through and counter the current scourges of populism, pandemics and global heating.

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Jason Oddy is an artist, writer and photographer whose work focuses on the politics of place. The Pentagon, ex-Soviet sanatoria on the Ukraine’s Black Sea coast, the United Nations headquarters in New York and Geneva, Guantanamo Bay and homes of the recently deceased are just some of the often highly charged sites he has investigated. His work has been widely exhibited, and has featured in numerous publications globally.

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