The pandemic has brought financial and socio-political changes, which has provided an opportunity for reflection and a re-evaluation of our relationship with the material world and compulsive consumption. While important dialogue and major efforts are taking place to rescue our planet from global warming, plastic waste, consumption of fossil fuels etc., people in western and eastern societies are nevertheless leading unsustainable lives through excess consumption, which not only affects one financially, but also takes a toll on a social and emotional level. EXI$T addresses the issue of consumerism and materialism, questioning the importance of one’s personal image in modern society and the sense of existence within this realm.

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Lefki Savvidou, aka Lé Boob, is a visual artist, writer and illustrator. She uses text as her main medium for her work, which focuses on human relationships and life's perceptions in the 21st century and likes to challenge the modern day life. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines, independent zines and publications.

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