By Graham Wood
Designer (UK)

Samhain (Halloween) is probably the most important of the pagan festivals, originally from the Celtic spiritual tradition. Samhain (from Gaelic ‘sow-win’), from October 31 to November 1, celebrates the harvest and observes the coming of the darker, winter season. During Samhain, the veil between our world and other, supernatural realms draws back, and the powers of earth and spirit entwine in a magickal communion.

With symbols denoting the horned god, the maiden, mother and crone, the elements (earth, air, fire, water), candles and sheaves of wheat, the flag echoes our imaginative, spiritual heritage with a desire for new ways to bring a celebration of creative unity, a fusion of all humanity and nature with a desire for a deep sense of mutual understanding.

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Graham Wood is a multi-award winnning founder of the acclaimed agency Tomato, and worked with Flo Heiss to form Studio Heiss. Wood specialises in interactive installations, global communications, design, typography, motion and digital, and has run creativity workshops across the world.

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