Flag for Desecration

by Daniel Eatock (UK)

Something solid and concrete placed on something fluid. Most flags move freely, they flutter and ripple on a windy day, and hang down loosely collapsing under their own weight on a calm day. Waved for the winner, draped or flown half mast for the deceased, proudly flown for allegiance ‘Mr Red, White & Blue’. This flag depicts a paving flag. A paving flag is the heaviest of flags. It does not move, however it does crack: ‘Small Flowers Crack Concrete’. This flag is for the violation of flag protocol, lay it on the ground, stamp on it, walk on it, spit on it, piss on it.


London-based artist Daniel Eatock (born 1975) has a practice shaped by discovery, invention, and an alert sensitivity to coincidence and contradiction. A graduate of London’s Royal College of Art, Eatock served on the design staff of the Walker Art Center before returning to England to work with clients that include Channel Four Television and the Serpentine Gallery. In 2008 Princeton's Architectural Press published Eatock’s monograph Imprint. Entirely authored and designed by Eatock, the book is distinguished not only by its (deceptive) lack of apparent order but also by the fact that each individual copy in the run of 4,000 is unique.

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