All I See

These days I’m tuned into the green – there’s no tuning out. I’m looking for the continuum, the mosaic of habitats weaving their way through the city. I’m calculating the losses and gains with every glance. Spilt hedge, newly paved drive, weed wildflower, lawn left long, bare wall where the bramble scrambled.

I’m firing less and raw-ing more, capturing my sculptures with the camera before they become ceramic. This, a composite of two faces and many flowers; raw clay synonymous with the soil.  

We’ve always been super connected – we’ve just forgotten that it’s a soil-bound, a tree-bound, an earth-bound connection.

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Claire Loder is an artist and educator based in Bath. Clay and drawing are central to her practice – her focus is predominately figurative. Her book ‘The New Ceramics - Sculpting and Handbuilding’ was published by Bloomsbury in 2013. She is a lecturer at Bath Spa University, and founder of Blooming Whiteway (a community gardening project in Bath) and a recent RHS student of horticulture.

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All I See