By Lydia Barba

Fast fashion has become one of the world’s leading issues through its effect on the climate and the people employed in the industry.

“We are not allowed to go to the toilet, the targets are so high.” Victoria Safford, Green Business Network, 2018

“When they fail to meet these targets, workers may experience physical, verbal, and sexual violence as punishments.” Victoria Safford,
Green Business Network, 2018

Ethics have been thrown out of the window to reach the unattainable high demand of fashion trends, mainly from the giants, H&M and Zara.

It’s time for change. It’s time for these global fashion brands to be 100% transparent. To teach its consumers the reality of the problem. It’s time for sustainable and ethical brands to be the leaders of the fashion industry and for people to be treated with care and respect for the work that they do.

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