Look Beyond

By Lewis Clarke
Creative Director (UK)

During the pandemic, I – like so many around the world – at some stage found myself isolated and confined to a screen, communicating via various online ‘chat’ applications, or passing the time by binging on boxsets, feeling cut off from the world outside.

The short periods of time when we were ‘allowed out’ during the lockdown, and the extra freedom granted once restrictions were eased, made me look at the outside world in an entirely different way. The park close to my house was no longer a shortcut to the city centre but a haven of green and tranquility.

Look Beyond is a piece that encourages each of us to explore and see the greatness in what is beyond the four walls of where we live.

It is an encouraging, aspirational piece. A yellow colour scheme has been chosen as it is associated with hope, happiness and optimism – good times are just around the corner. So, look up or away from the screen. Seize the opportunity to ‘look beyond’ the confines of your home and enjoy the outside world…you’ll miss it when it’s gone.

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Lewis Clarke is an award-winning Creative Designer, conceptual thinker and Art Director. Over the last 15 years he has worked on campaigns for many global brands spanning various industries. At present Lewis holds the position of Global Creative Lead for the much-loved international footwear brand Clarks Originals.

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Look Beyond